Pura Soul Barber Pole – Gordo

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Honduran Corojo and San Andres Maduro


7 x 64


This is a medium to full bodied cigar with a unique blend of rich full flavors that its Hounduran fillers complemented by its beautiful alternating (Barber Pole) Hounduran Corojo and San Andres Maduro notes of sweet-spice wrappers leaves have to offer. This is an excellent cool and smooth smoking cigar with a wonderful look and feel.

1 review for Pura Soul Barber Pole – Gordo

  1. Curtiss Mcnair Jr

    Just heard about this cigar brand and maker. Smoked it and loved it! Nice full flavor, medium body and excellent smoke! Smooth draw, notes of sweetness like caramel, mixed with a little pepper on the back pallet. Pairs lovely with Balvenie 14 Single Malt scotch aged in Caribbean casks. A MUST try!

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