Cigars For The Wedding

Cigars are one of the best gifts you can get for a groom today (although, brides are becoming more and more likely to enjoy them too). Weddings are a great reason to celebrate and one of the best ways to celebrate is with a premium hand-rolled cigar.  So whether it is your own wedding, or a wedding you have been invited to, celebrate it with the camaraderie afforded by a fine cigar among friends!  This short informational guide is for anyone who may be a little unfamiliar with cigars, but is looking for some solid guidance about buying cigars for a groom or wedding party.

Making cigars part of the wedding day, whether your guest list is composed of cigar smokers or not, by smoking cigars in celebration of the wedding will make for some great photo-ops (think bride with a stogie) and help to make the nuptials even more memorable.

There are many options for having cigars at a wedding.  You could be buying enough for everyone at the wedding, just the groom, groomsmen and best man or for the whole wedding party, but whomever they are intended for, be sure to clear it with the bride first. It is her day above all else, and if she has a problem with cigars at her wedding, then it is a deal killer, and do not try to convince her otherwise … Don’t be THAT guy.
The cigars you buy, and how and where you use them will be different for various parts of the celebration.  Here then, are some suggestions.



Wedding Reception Cigars For All

If you have decided to go all out and purchase enough celebratory cigars for all the guests at the wedding, first of all, Wow! You will long be remembered as the man or woman of the hour. Most guests will appreciate the gesture, even if they do not smoke, as they can always give the cigar later to a friend that does. The three main things to consider then, are what kind, how many you should buy, and how you will offer them.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Cigars

Probably the first consideration is just how many you will need. Always plan for a little extra, so you absolutely leave nobody out. Cigars typically come in boxes or bundles of 20-25 cigars.  So with the bride’s guest list in hand, you will know how many boxes or bundles of cigars you will need to purchase.

If you are going to need to buy more than one box anyway, you also have the option to buy several different brands or types of cigars.  But for ease of ordering and no confusion on the wedding day, we recommend sticking with just one brand or style. You should also think about storage. Unless you have a walk-in humidor, don’t order your cigars too far in advance of the wedding day. Cigars need to be warm and moist (humid), ideally 73-73 (73 degrees at 73% humidity). Nobody wants a dry, crumbling cigar that has been rendered useless by poor care.

One option is to buy cigars that come from purveyors (yes, like that take great pride in preserving their cigars at the perfect humidity and that are temperature controlled.  This will make sure the cigars will be fresh and perfectly ready to smoke when presenting them to your guests at the wedding.



Picking the Cigars

For most occasions where you will be giving somebody a cigar, it is best to choose cigars that are medium to mild in strength.  These will not be too strong for the uninitiated, and nobody needs to see guests turning green and heading for the woods to revisit that last portion of wedding cake.

For what size to choose, we recommend a 5×50 Robusto. It makes for a nice 45 minute smoke and won’t have guests feeling like they are lighting a totem pole.

Here are links to a few of the cigars right here on our website that would make a great choice for any wedding day smoke. These cigars all come in boxes  or bundles that have been perfectly preserved and kept fresh for your guests.



It’s All In The Presentation

How you present the cigars to your guests can be a simple gesture or a grand affair with much pomp and circumstance.  Merely placing the boxes on guest tables with their lids open, or devoid of boxes and wrappers stacked like Jenga around a centerpiece. There are great examples of cigar creativity here on Pinterest so take a look and let your imagination run wild.

However you present your cigars, you will also need lighters and cutters for your guests.  There are many options for each of these items, from very fancy to utterly simple.

A Cut Above

You will either want to get a few hand cutters to lay out with the cigars for everyone to use, or set up a cutting station with a table top cutter for all to use. These run anywhere from $4 (handheld) – $45 depending on brand and can be easily found on

Fire Them Up

Personalized wedding boxed matches are available on Etsy and would be a great way to add some love to your already gracious gift, but sometimes the weather is not favorable to match lighting cigars (although a wooden match is really the best way to fire up your cigar). In this case you will need to make sure you have plenty of butane torches, and cans of butane to refill them, available for the guests to fire up their stogies.

Groomsmen Or Bridal Party Only

If you are not providing cigars for the entire wedding, and would rather create a special moment with just a select few, the items mentioned above are all still applicable, just on a much smaller scale. Still go with the Robusto size (5X50) or something very close.  This will give you an optimum smoking experience that does not seem too much for anyone who is new to cigar smoking.
No matter how you choose to integrate cigars into a wedding celebration, they (and you) will be a big hit, making the day even more memorable for all in attendance.  So whether it is the first time they smoked a cigar, or if they have smoked cigars for years, they will always remember the cigar you provided at the wedding.