Cigar Mouth – How To Beat It

The Why: Cigar makers look for that perfect balance of tobacco leaves, fillers and wrappers that come together and stimulate all the areas of the palate, salty, sweet and bitter to effect a perfect smoking experience. If the balance is off, too much olor filler for instance, and it can have a detrimental impact on the cigar’s taste. In the case of olor, it can cause dry mouth by stimulating the salty area of the tongue. Dominican San Vicente on the other hand, can stimulate the production of saliva. Balance is everything, and perfection is an elusive goal. A slightly off balance cigar can leave a definite after taste on one’s tongue, the dreaded “cigar mouth” that every smoker has experienced.

Cigar Mouth - Girl Holding Nose - A-Listers Cigar Club

The How: Ashtray breath may be exacerbated by a cigar, but the usual culprit is what you did or did not consume during the day. Not enough water intake throughout your day can cause your mouth to be dry, allowing the cigar smoke to “stick” to whatever food residue may be hiding down between your tastebuds, leaving you with a nasty case of cigar mouth. But do not despair, there are myriad ways to alleviate, if not practically eliminate the problem.

The Cure: First, definitely make sure you stay hydrated throughout your day. The benefits are far more beneficial than just helping you rid yourself of the smokers curse. Sugar-free gum, before and after a cigar have proven to be an effective tool in fighting cigar breath. This is due to the acids in the gum that cause salivation. Saliva is the best method of removing foreign substances from the tongue. Citric acid is also a great weapon in your arsenal. A gin and tonic with lime, a vodka soda with lemon or lime are perfect things to drink while smoking … in fact even without alcohol, these seem to work – although we can’t imagine why you would want to leave it out! Bottom line, the more acidic the better, sugars seem to magnify the problem.

The Obvious: We asked A-Listers Cigar Club president Bill Webb for his sage advice in this area since, as club owner, he certainly smokes his fair share of stogies. His answer while seemingly obvious, was delivered with the precision of somebody with an engineering background.

Cigar Mouth - Man Brushing Teeth - A-Listers Cigar Club

“Some say,” said Bill, “Make a solution of 50% water and 50% hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse your mouth with it thoroughly, making sure to gargle and let the solution stay in your mouth for a good 30 seconds before spitting out and repeating the process twice,” he added. “I say, just grab a toothbrush, some good extra-whitening toothpaste and get to work brushing every corner of your mouth. Don’t stop until you have been brushing for at least one minute and pay special attention to your tongue.” Bill is adamant about brushing the tongue as hard as you can, and as far back as you can manage. “The tongue is where that funky cigar smell lingers, so linger awhile yourself and brush.” he added, smiling. “Do all that, and you’ll wake up with not the slightest hint of that robusto you smoked last night, I guarantee it.” 

Good advice indeed, as oral hygiene should be a constant for everybody anyway, but especially the smoker. Brushing and flossing after each meal has been clinically proven to reduce your chance of coronary plaque, so fighting “cigar mouth” may also be good for your heart health! So brush for whoever you’re kissing, and brush for your heart.

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