About A-Listers Cigar Club

Aside from family, Bill Webb has three passions in life. Music, golf and cigars. One day, while Bill was contemplating expanding his consulting business, a thought occurred to him. While enjoying one of his favorite cigars, a fine Undercrown Sun Grown Belicoso, an idea rose with the smoke from his cigar and Bill had an epiphany, an Aha! moment if you will. That idea solidified into a business plan, a timeline and ultimately, into A Listers Cigar Club, an online destination for cigar lovers.

For Bill, this has been a labor of love, a journey to find the best manufacturers, source the real histories and offer the finest customer service possible. An online-only cigar club based in Connecticut that would be like no other.

Here you will find a small, but high-end collection of name brand cigars and a few boutique offerings, fairly priced and shipped free if you buy a box. And for a limited time, with every box, you will also get one extra cigar … our signature offer,  just for you.

We also hope to share stories and histories of the art and craft of cigar manufacturing, tobacco growing and cigar smoking that you will find interesting, and worth sharing with your cigar-smoking friends.